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Additional Privacy Information

GDPR: The EU GDPR legislation obligates us to tell you how we use information you supply through this Website. We intentionally limit the information we ask you to supply to what is absolutely necessary to provide the service you request. Unless otherwise stated, we don’t share any supplied information with any other person or organization other than as required and as authorized by you. Payment related information you supply will only be used to complete a transaction and will not be stored on our systems.

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LOGGED IN USERS: We don’t store passwords you use to log in as plain text, instead they’re encrypted before being stored in our systems. When you enter that password again to log in, we encrypt that and match it to the encrypted password that had been stored. There is no way to decrypt the stored passwords, but it may be possible for others to guess simple passwords. You should always use more complex passwords that don’t include words or names people would associate with you. You should also try to avoid using the same password for everything you log into and should not make those passwords easily accessible to anyone else.

FORMS: Personal information requested in forms on this site is limited to what is required to provide you with the information and services you request. Please don’t provide additional personal information in these forms that is not requested. If you are uncomfortable with submitting any requested information, please call or write to us directly using the address and phone numbers on this site. We don’t supply any of the information you provide to any other individual or organization unless you check a box in the submission form specifically authorizing us to do so.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: We only use the payment information you provide to complete a paid transaction. We don’t retain any payment information beyond that point. If you check a box asking us to store credit card or similar information for future use, we pass that request on to the credit card processing service and they store that information on their systems. All we store on our systems is a “token” that can only be used to process another authorized transaction on your behalf through this Website with the same credit card processing service.

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